I’ve been thinking a lot about the future in the last few weeks, as one does in the new year as well as their senior year of high school, and one thing has stuck out more than all the worry and stress: No one is stopping me.

No one is stopping me from making the best out of every day. No one is stopping me from seizing my goals and taking life by the reins.

No one but myself, that is.

The excuses: I’m not ready, I have to wait until X, Y, Z, everything has to be perfect first, I’m not good enough, etc.

Solvable. All of them.
If you feel like you’re not good enough, get good enough. You have control over what you put effort into each day. Most of those excuses comes down to procrastination and or fear.

I’m not saying its fixable in this exact moment. Maybe your plum out broke. Maybe your trudging through hell. Maybe, maybe, maybe. What I’m saying is you always have the power to START. Start moving towards goals, start sorting out priorities, start working and moving forward. Whatever that looks like to you.

The beauty and the curse of youth is that the years ahead are teeming with possibilities.

But the thing is, what we choose to do with the next years of our lives does not have to be the only thing we do with our lives.
Those possibilities do not evaporate as soon as you turn the corner into your thirties. If anything, even more are available.

Someday is a dangerous word. It conveys a sense of loose intent, and a loose motivation to accomplish a goal might as well be nothing at all.

‘Someday I’ll weed out the garden’ turns into a million somedays that never come, and before you know it it’s overrun with vines and deep rooted, energy sucking weeds.
The task that would have taken hours will now take days.

I see our hearts and minds like a garden at times. If you leave them to their own devices and let them run wild inside for too long, you lose sight of the core fruits and good plants. They wither and die under all the clutter.

‘Somedays’ are dangerous because they move farther and farther away as you move towards them.
A solid goal will draw nearer to you as you reach for it, as you work for it.
Maybe that means calling a friend that’s been on your heart, or trying something you’ve always wanted to do, or re-organizing that closet. I could be simple or it could be complex. But in that same breath I think most things seem more complex than they actually are.

‘Someday’ is not a place, it is a placeholder with no promise of completion.

Stop chasing somedays: Make them todays and tomorrows.


Shouting into the void,



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