A Moment

Let me tell you a story.

I was 8 years old visiting my grandmothers house, the sun had been warm on my face and the day was an open possibility, there had been a skip in my step as my brother and I went out to swing on the home made rope with a plank for a seat, strung between two towering pine trees.

The crunch of the gravel under my shoes was the loudest sound on the remote grounds. I remember the moment distinctly; the rush of wind past my face as I pumped my legs, that small moment of suspension as the swing arced over the gravel path. The tightening off the loose rope around my ankle as I attempted to jump off.

My brother says I looked like a doll as I was dragged backwards through the gravel and arched the wrong way. It had happened so fast. As I blinked back into consciousness, the sun too bright and my brother beside me in the path, my shoulder pounded in my ears like a dull drum. I don’t remember much after that; blood dripping down my arm, a barked knee, both would heal. But my shoulder: Not even now as I type this has it healed.

Every time I look back on that sunny day I wonder how much worse it could have been. It only takes a moment in time, a single drawn out moment, to change your life forever. I had dreams of my neck cracking instead of my shoulder. If one thing had gone differently, a different angle, a switch in the wind,  would that have been the case? But it wasn’t.

My point is this: If you’re here now,  breathing, thinking, living. There has to be a reason. God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything you live through has gotten you here: Full of potential no matter how broken you feel, no matter how unloved or forgotten or anxious you are for the future or the present, you are here for a reason, and God has a plan for you that is so far beyond your best imaginations.

I could have died when I thought no one in the world could possibly accept me, want me, when even the thought of facing the world seemed as impossible as the chance of me being here alive today. I could have ruined Gods great gift to us: LIFE. But I didn’t.

When you feel unloved, God loves you. When you feel joyful and complete, God loves you. When you feel disgusting and irredeemable, he loves you. He forgives. And he does not make mistakes. Everyone has a purpose.

I am here because I am supposed to be.

We are here for a reason, and who wouldn’t want to stick around to find out what that reason is?


A Shout into the void









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