What?! It’s JUNE?

When I was little there always seemed to be more time. Summers where longer, Birthdays lasted longer, ice cream didn’t melt as fast.

Sometime around my 14th birthday everything seemed to warp ahead in time; I noticed summer was really only a few months, and Birthdays where only one quick day. The only thing that still felt like it took forever was school and chores.

Christmas stopped feeling as much like Christmas and trying to reach into my imagination was like pulling a wet rag through corn syrup. Does this happen to everyone? I guess so. Growing up is something that happens to everyone, of course. And it’s not easy. For example;

My brother and I where attempting to cook dinner while my mother was out of town last weekend. Lets just say we ended up having to stain the rice, nothing came together warm at the same time, and I accidently evaporated half of the sauce. Good times.

And let’s not even talk about laundry.

Or making appointments over the phone.

Or budgeting.


Shouting into the void,