Before and After’s

I think everyone has before and after’s. Events that mark invisible lines of ‘oh that was after so and so’. I feel that these events, good or bad, are so important.

After my heart was first broken by a (oblivious) guy.

After I decided to re shape how I saw the world and how I treated the people around me, for the better.

After I found out my fathers diagnosis MIGHT be hereditary.

These things shape us for better or for worse. They are not excuses for actions or crutches for unsavory behavior; they are chances to stand up, step up, and start again. I will not live my life in a shadow of fear of something that may or may not come to pass. I am not going to let my heart close in on itself again.

And I am not going to let my insecurities hold me back a second longer.

Shouting into the void,



First blog post!

Hey there anyone who has possibly stumbled upon this!

I’m here to improve my writing, maybe make someone laugh, but mostly to learn. I want to share some stories, fictional or otherwise, some thoughts and possibly some art. I’m not particularly concerned with gaining a following or anything and I know that maybe I’ll be typing to myself, and that’s fine.

Just a shout into the void,